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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lucy & Johnathan's Wedding at Christ The King Church & The Peak Edge Hotel

Back in the short days of December we got to make an all too rare visit to the see the newly refurbished Peak Edge Hotel, & Red Lion Bistro on the wild Derbyshire moors. First stop was to see the girls getting ready in the room.

Then it was time for a whizz down to the church at Alfreton to see the boys.

After a while we got a couple of shots of the fella's party before Lucy's bridesmaids arrived.

This was the second family wedding we had shot, as the previous year, Lucy's sister Catherine was bride instead of bridesmaid!

I love this informal shot of Lucy and her bridesmaids just before they went into church for the ceremony...

During the ceremony the minister kindly allowed us to quietly sneak to the front corner to capture this lovely angle.

We didn't hang around long after the wedding as the temperature was hovering around freezing, and I had plans for later on involving a dusky sky, which I didn't want to miss.

You can see the winter sky darkening before we left the church, and I was concerned we would miss the dusk light by the time we got back to the reception.

And if we were more than a couple of minutes later, we would have. Fab timing and a ridiculously long exposure got us this result, *just* holding some lovely detail in that winter dusky sky.

I have to say that the shot below will probably stay with me as one of the most 'extreme' wedding shots in my 21 years of shooting!

It was around freezing, the wind was whipping in over the Peak District moorland so hard that I daren't let go of the tripod for fear of it blowing over.

We were shooting at around 1/4 second exposure with the LED lamp being held by Lucy's long suffering dad (thank you sir), but Lucy was determined this was the shot she wanted, and I think we can safely say we got it. When they called this place 'Peak Edge Hotel' they weren't kidding :)

Of course, five minutes later, and a glass of mulled wine in hand, all was well again, and we had our shot.

I even managed to talk Lucy & Johnathan into a last quick shot outside before dinnertime!

Congratulations Lucy & Johnathan!

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