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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Lindsay & Kevin at Shottle Hall

It was a few weeks ago now that we got to spend the afternoon with Lindsay & Kevin at the beautiful Shottle Hall in the Derbyshire countryside. We were floating around to capture some getting ready photographs in the room upstairs, but were most chuffed with this lovely little moment between Lindsay and her dad before they made their entrance into the ceremony.

During the ceremony we kept our usual low profile, making sure to grab a few shots of the signing of the register from a discrete distance.

The actual details entered into the register are confidential, and we have earned the trust of the registrars by always keeping our promise that any shots we take will not include any legible details on the register itself. In turn, they are kind enough to let us get lovely fly on the wall shots like the ones above and below.

After the ceremony we were under instructions for lots of candid people type shots to capture the atmosphere of the day. Everybody was having such a great time that we didn't have to many problems.

Of course it is a well known unwritten rule that our dear Groom must be liberally covered with confetti.

For a chance to relax and have a little bit of peace and quiet, we proceeded to march Lindsay & Kevin around the fabulous gardens at Shottle for a couple of more chilled out, calmed down shots to finish with.

Many congratulations, and thankyou for a wonderful day!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Daisy Visits The Studio

Here are some shots from our little friend Daisy's studio session a while ago. Quite a while ago to be fair, but we've been busy busy flying around here there and everywhere recently enjoying lots of weddings and not getting time to tinker around on the computer.

We loved the image above so much that we have printed it onto aluminium to display in our studio reception.

We tried hard to capture a variety of different feels to the shots, so we changed lighting and backgrounds around, and went from sharing jokes to make Daisy laugh to asking her not to smile at all.

Mixtures of colour & black and white were the order of the day. Isn't it amazing how a small change in exposure, lighting and cropping can make two images look totally different in mood, even though they were taken only seconds apart, like above, and below.

Very cool stuff! All in all a fab time was had. Daisy, you're a star!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Catherine & Richard at Horsley Lodge

Couple of weeks ago we were out and about in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside at St Clements Church in Horsley, for Catherine & Richard's wedding. Richard had a total of 10 groomsmen, whom somebody joked were there to make sure he didn't get away - most unfair!

We grabbed a few close up shots of pretty little details on Catherine's dress which we know our brides love, maybe because they don't have to smile?

After the ceremony we made our way back to Richard's little place for the reception, as he owns Horsley Lodge, we did OK for some nice shots with lovely backgrounds. We did make them walk up the driveway instead of having a ride though.

Catherine impressed us most with the impeccable decor of the wedding breakfast room. She chose stunning pale pinks and creams to give the room a lovely airy floaty atmosphere. Our friends at Event Heydays finished everything off to perfection with a starlight curtain draped behind the top table.

Fab stuff.