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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cheryl & Rob's Wedding at St Mary's Church Greasley

Cheryl and Rob had a fab day last year at the lovely St Mary's church in Greasley - a church which always makes me work a bit harder than usual as it has two entrances, miles apart, and I never remember to ask which one the Bride will arrive at :)

Cheryl's family own and run Watnall Farm Shop just down the road from the church, so it was there (not actually in the shop) that I visited them to check up on preparations... Things were chilled. Good!

The farm has some fabulous old brick outbuildings which we will see more of later, but here's our umbrella test pic for now.

After a very short drive up to church, we battled with the lads to get a sensible shot or two...

Then luckily the girls arrived to make them behave.

Those swish umbrellas really did come in useful!

Cheryl arrived in gorgeous horse and carriage...

Below is one of my favourite action shots.

Soon followed by this shot of the bridal party on their way up to church. Singing loudly as they went :)

Although the vicar isn't keen on photographers floating around and popping up here and there through the service, he was really kind to let us grab a couple of shots from the back of the church, and as the party signed the register.

This really proves the advantage of having a solid relationship with with the church, formed over many years, and a hard earned reputation for being professional and unintrusive!

After the service we organised some friends and family shots, in between grabbing some slightly sillier pics too. Then it was time for everybody to make their way back to the marquee in the farm grounds, and for us to have a quick photo-walk around the lovely church.

I love this area of St Mary's church. It's a shame that the fields were too waterlogged to go a wandering though, I think I could have walked Cheryl and Rob for miles!

I like the shot below as an example of something a little bit different to try. This was taken sat on the floor with a super wide lens and a good burst of flash to overpower the daylight and add a bit of drama to the shot.

Soon enough we arrived back at the marquee to join everybody and sneak a few more shots in the garden and farmyard before dinnertime.

Since jubilee fever was in full swing, we had to organise a patriotic smoochy shot under the flag :)

Congratulations Cheryl & Rob!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Gemma & Scott's Wedding at Tutbury Castle

Here is a small selection of shots from a recent visit we made to Tutbury Castle for the wedding of Gemma & Scott. The couple are both hardcore rockers (check out that serious tat in a minute) so we got on just famously :)

We spent a little time with everybody getting ready just across town from the castle, then headed off to see Scott and his best man.

Told you. Serious tat.

We snuck a few discrete available light shots during and just after the ceremony, then took everybody outside for some family pics and to enjoy the castle grounds.

After the organising was finished, we let Scott and his friends go climbing up things :)

Tutbury is an amazing castle with some picture perfect ruins in it's grounds, so I had to make Scott & Gemma come wandering around for a short while to get some shots. They even made it to the top of these steps without a problem.

We made it to the top of the hill for a shot with Tutbury's most famous and easily spotted ruin. A good hit of flash overpowered the daylight to give this dramatic effect.

Thanks to Scott & Gemma for being great subjects! Congratulations!