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Monday, 20 June 2011

Anna & Tim

It was another real treat recently when we got to visit Hathersage in the Derbyshire Peak District for Anna & Tim's wedding. Hathersage is popular with walkers, and the churchyard is part of a public footpath, which allowed us to get this fabulous surreal 'spot the imposter' shot when we arrived.

Then we did a sensible pic, with besuited folks only. Did I mention Hathersage is lovely?

The church is in a great position on top of the hill, too steep for the horses to get up, so Anna made the last few hundred yards by car, and we got this great view of her parking the carriage.

After the ceremony we let everybody shuffle off to the reception (which was in a groovy barn in the middle of nowhere - more on that later) and we snuck back into church for a quick shot using the beautiful available light..

While Anna & Tim made their way to the barn in style, everybody else was settled in with drinks watching the chef prepare dinner on a VERY smokey barbecue.

Although time was against us, the area was so stunning that we just had to wander off and make the most of it to get Anna & Tim some amazing unique shots. They were so accommodating, happily walking through the fields, and all of these were taken in less than 10 minutes just before dinner was served.

Love the village fete type theme in the barn, made me want an ice cream.

The speeches were just before the meal, so we stuck around to grab a few shots before leaving them to a long lively night in the field. Congratulations Anna & Tim!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Amanda & Paul

It was off to a posh newly decorated Morley Hayes recently for Amanda & Paul's wedding. When Amanda arrived at our studio two weeks before the day for her pre wedding consultation with a massive plaster-cast on her leg we had an idea things were going to be a bit different!

Amazingly she managed to talk the doctors into removing her cast and giving her what she could only describe as a 'terminator boot' to walk around in. When our bride has a cool down to earth perspective on thing like that, we know we're in for a good day :)

When we got kicked out of Amanda's room (not by the terminator boot thankfully) we were off to meet the fellas and start the ceremony.

It has to be said Amanda did an amazing job of getting from the buggy that dropped her off, all the way through the building to the ceremony room. It wasn't fast, but it was impressive!

We managed a few shots out and about after the ceremony before allowing our brave bride some well earned sitting down time.

Here's my fave of the day, one our young bridesmaid about to get herself in some trouble with a soon to be muddy dress. I did try to stop her...Really!

Congratulations Amanda & Paul!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Nicole & Dan

It's always a treat to visit the beautiful East Lodge Hotel in Rowsley, and a few weeks ago we got the bonus of amazing afternoon weather too. We were up that way for Nicole & Dan's countryside wedding. As they live a good way away, we didn't have a great of chance to get together beforehand, but everything came together perfectly.

When I went up to the room all was calm and quiet. Not what I usually expect! Check out this shot of the stunning bouquet made up by Tineke Floral Designs.

No, I had no idea what those amazing white flowers were either. Stunning stuff though. Well done Kerry & gang.

We meandered back downstairs to meet up with Dan and his best man to grab a few shots, then it was ceremony time, and yes, the fisheye lens was pulled into service from the bottom of my case.

Drinks and photographs were out on the lawn afterwards, and as usual I happily worked through the formal family shots as early as possible to earn everybody some relaxing and mingling time.

Soon it was time for a go on the East Lodge golf buggy for a ride up to the top of the hill to get what I think is one of the best views of any venue in the area.

Nicole & Dan were a great couple to photograph and very accommodating. They even let me leave in this odd shot of Nicole wishing she had worn jeans and trainers for her walk in the country :)

Many congratulations Nicole & Dan!