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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Amanda & Paul

It was off to a posh newly decorated Morley Hayes recently for Amanda & Paul's wedding. When Amanda arrived at our studio two weeks before the day for her pre wedding consultation with a massive plaster-cast on her leg we had an idea things were going to be a bit different!

Amazingly she managed to talk the doctors into removing her cast and giving her what she could only describe as a 'terminator boot' to walk around in. When our bride has a cool down to earth perspective on thing like that, we know we're in for a good day :)

When we got kicked out of Amanda's room (not by the terminator boot thankfully) we were off to meet the fellas and start the ceremony.

It has to be said Amanda did an amazing job of getting from the buggy that dropped her off, all the way through the building to the ceremony room. It wasn't fast, but it was impressive!

We managed a few shots out and about after the ceremony before allowing our brave bride some well earned sitting down time.

Here's my fave of the day, one our young bridesmaid about to get herself in some trouble with a soon to be muddy dress. I did try to stop her...Really!

Congratulations Amanda & Paul!

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