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Friday, 27 January 2012

Tara & Ian's Wedding At Breadsall Priory

It was a slightly cloudy but otherwise perfect autumn day for Tara & Ian's civil wedding at the Marriott Breadsall Priory back in October.

'Purple' and 'Cars' were to be the theme of the day, but oddly, no purple cars. Anyway, we dropped in to see the ladies in the morning to check up on progress, and the shot below of Tara, her mum, and bridesmaids pretty much sets the mood for the whole day.

We grabbed a lovely moment when Ian sent over a shot of the Ford Mustang to prove it was all ready for picking Tara up later on. That's one bouncy bride-to-be!

These are some seriously funky shoes. Respect due.

We continued the petrolhead theme when shooting the guys over at Breadsall, who happily posed with the Sierra Cosworth they arrived in.

This was soon to be joined by a very swift looking Ford Focus carrying Tara's bridesmaids.

Tara outdid them all though, when she arrived, growling and grumbling down the long Breadsall driveway in a stunning Ford Mustang.

It was soon time to be concentrating on other things as everybody got ready for the ceremony.

After the wedding, we took a walk out in to the gardens for some photographs, and the couple's lively dogs joined us for a run around too!

Tara didn't want to ignore those lovely cars for too long though, and I just had to get a shot with the colour coded umbrellas that were brought along in case of rain.

We even took a little drive away from the main building to get a shot with a view of the priory, before Tara and Ian were whisked away for a spin round and some time to relax for a while.

We soon put them back to work when they arrived back and took a little time to get some nice relaxed looking shots of them together, making the most of the lovely Autumnal colour everywhere.

There seemed an over-abundance of great confetti throwing shots, so rather than have to choose just one, we decided on a montage. 

Tara and Ian, we had a wonderful time sharing your day with you, thanks for having us along and being great subjects. Congratulations!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Helen & Chris' Wedding at Stoke Rochford Hall

Helen & Chris chose quite a rare thing - a venue that we weren't too familiar with, so I arrived in good time at the amazing Stoke Rochford Hall in the morning to have a good old scout around and pick my favourite spots, and hatch my plans for later.

Things were already set up for the ceremony.

After sampling the coffee it was time to check on the ladies' progress up in the room. All was looking good!

Downstairs, the guys were doing a good job with buttonholes too. And look what they got to play with when they were all dressed and smart!

Back upstairs things were coming together nicely, but it seems little people were already showing signs of stress! Luckily, everybody stayed in a good mood.


It's not many times in the course of ordinary life that most folks utter the words 'Cor now THAT'S what I call a staircase', but it seems to happen to me quite a lot. Today was another one of those days.

We love the windowlight coming from all directions on this shot of the bridal party waiting for the Bridal to make her entrance.

Finally it was ceremony time, and we got a fab spot by the registrars for Helen's arrival, after which I quietly shuffled to the back so as not to intrude. Check out the view we get from the back below!

Although we respected the registrar's wishes for us not take shots during the register signing, I did manage to grab a sneaky shot from the back with the long lens, just after the paperwork had been completed.

Although it seems that not everybody was filled with the same sense of excitement and romance at this point.

Below is the shot I'd been plotting and planning for since arriving earlier that morning. Sort of a 'Cor, now THAT's what I call a doorway' type shot.

We went on to get some family shots organised before the weather spoiled our fun and sent us all scurrying inside to wait out a shower.

After the rain had blown over, Helen led everybody pied piper style back out to the terraces for a crowd photograph.

Cor. Now that's what I call a wedding breakfast room.

Congratulations Helen & Chris!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Lizzie & Matt's Wedding at St Werburgh's Church & Masa.

Our first proper blog post of 2012, we're going to tell you all about Lizzie & Matt, whose wedding we got to shoot back in September last year. First up was a visit to make sure everybody was getting on OK at home.

Lizzie was getting ready a stone's throw from the church, so we were able to have a walk over to meet the fellas arriving, and STILL go back to shoot the bridal party leaving home, and walking over to church in convoy.

We got a few discreet shots of the bridal party getting ready for the service, and then settled into our spot at the back of church for the ceremony.

How lovely it was then, that the Minister actually took the trouble to suggest that we come down to the front of church to get a few shots over his shoulder! Usually we prefer to intrude as little as possible, indeed usually, photographers are seemingly only barely tolerated by the clergy at weddings, so this was a lovely gesture, and it got us this lovely shot, thank you.

We then returned to the back of the church, where there was an excellent surreal 'child in deeley-boppers' photo opportunity. We took said opportunity :)

We then made our way outside to organise a few family photographs before taking Lizzie and Matt for a wander round on our photo walk. Below is our organised groomsman checking who's up next!

Above is one of my favourite shots from the day, lit with zoomed in flash to overpower the daylight slightly and toned down to a more muted, vintage style look.

After some documentary style shots, mostly of the children up to shenanigans, we organised a confetti throwing photograph.

We finished the day at Masa, an old Wesleyan Chapel converted to a swish restaurant and wine bar for the couple to settle in to their reception.

Congratulations Lizzie & Matt!