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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Daisy In The Snow

In keeping with our current theme of taking small children outside in crazy temperatures and freezing them, here's Daisy braving the snow for us a few weeks ago.

We actually had this session set up well before the snow arrived, but far from deciding to postpone, we were all the more keen for a trip out to Markeaton Park and a good wander round.

Daisy was a proper trouper, up for way more snowy sheningans than us old folks could manage, we even got her to carry the reflector for us!

Putting the reflector to good use above. And below, would you believe this was shot on the same day?

Friday, 11 February 2011

Jessica's Hats.

Here are a few pictures from a freezing cold autumny-wintery portrait session we shot with Jess.

We all had a great time despite the temperatures barely hitting freezing, and because the session was late in the afternoon after school, we managed just 20 or 30 minutes shooting before the last of the lovely autumn sunshine had disappeared, and we all wanted warm drinks.

We wanted to make the most of the beautiful autumn colours, and of course show off Jess' collection of funky hats and scarves.

Hopefully these shots show what can be achieved in very litle time, with little light and harsh conditions, one camera, one reflector, and a great desire to be back inside :)

Here's a last shot, hatless.

What a brave young lady, well done!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Hayley & Nick

Still in Autumn 2010, we were over at the delightful Shottle Hall to spend the afternoon with Hayley & Nick.

We had a sneak upstairs to grab a few getting ready shots, but were really taken with a shot of all the dresses before they were inhabited by people.

Next we organised a shot of the chaps all arriving looking cool, with a backdrop of the beautiful Ecclesbourne Valley.

Which was swiftly followed by Hayley negotiaing the main staircase, which she managed with wonderful grace - well done!

After the civil ceremony we organised several family groups and took a wander off around the grounds for some more chilled out shots.

Finishing up with my fave of the day by the main entrance, lit by remote flash to overpower the overcast daylight and inject a bit of drama into the proceedings.

And the cupcake fairy came. Nice one!