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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Anna & Alistair

It was a trip to the historic old town of Repton a few weeks ago for Anna & Alistair's wedding at the lovely and exceeding pointy church there. Anna assured us that she was getting ready a mere 'few' minutes walk down the road at home, so after shooting the chaps arriving, off I trekked. For AGES! Eventually, somewhat more exhausted than before, I found Anna's place, and grabbed a few Black & White shots of them all finishing off.

Luckily the chauffer and the bridesmaids took pity on me and I got a ride back to church in a vintage Rolls Royce.

From there we floated around to capture some nice moments as Anna arrived and entered the church.

The best bit was still to come as the reception was at the wonderful Izaak Walton Hotel, in the middle of Dovedale - always a treat to visit with our camera.

We also found time to grab a few shots of the 'children' (big and small) playing in the garden.

Congratulations Anna & Al!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Princess Anne Opens The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse in Derby has hundreds of years of railway history behind it, and has stood sadly empty and decadent until a couple of years ago when Derby College took on the task of renovating it and transforming it into their flagship city campus. It's generally thought to be the one of the first railway roundhouses built, servicing locomotives from 1839.

We were lucky to participate in photographing the restoration project, shooting the site every two weeks, from identical angles, for almost two years to document the stunning transformation.

After such a long project, we were quite chuffed to be covering the grand Royal Opening a few weeks ago.

When you're a Princess, you get the best cake.