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Friday, 30 September 2011

Get Christmas Packaged Up. Our Special Offers for 2011...

RIGHT THEN! It's that time to be thinking about Christmas again. We've been all excited and bouncy in the studio today because we've been designing our Christmas special offers.

Yes. Offers. We got us three of 'em! Check them out at the bottom of the page. They're all perfect for children, grandchildren, families, cats, dogs, the whole works - whatever you have in mind we are ready to help out.

Now just think about a Christmas morning with Grandma & Grandad NOT having a shiny portrait of their beloved grandchildren to unwrap - now that would stink.

One Time Only. Christmas 2011 Offers From Field Photographic

A. Full studio photo session for the whole family.
A lively, fun viewing session at our studio a few days after your shoot.
One 10"x8" and two 8"x6" mounted prints from your favourite image. ALL for £60 SAVING you £60

B. Full studio photo session for the whole family.
A lively, fun viewing session at our studio a few days after your shoot.
One 10"x8" mounted print and one 8"x6" 'Ice Block' double sided Designer Desktop acrylic block from your favourite two images. ALL for £80 SAVING you £80.

C. Full studio photo session for the whole family.
A lively, fun viewing session at our studio a few days after your shoot.
One 12"x8 Mounted 'Gallery' Print, two 10"x8" mounted prints and two 8”x6” mounted prints from your favourite image. Also a 20% DISCOUNT voucher towards ANY other products you want to order from your images. ALL for £110 SAVING you at least £90.

Secure your session today for just a £20 booking fee which will be deducted from the price of your chosen package. Simply call us now 01773 769900 to book in!

Pay nothing else until you visit us for your viewing session.

As usual with us this special offer carries NO further obligations.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kate & James' Wedding at St Wilfrids Church & Makeney Hall

First stop on Kate & James' big day was a quick drop in on the way to church to make sure everybody was doing OK with their getting ready. Luckily all was well so we sloped off to St Wilfrids Church, just a mile or so down the road.

We met up with James and his party for a quick photo session, and then it was the turn of the Bride with her father to arrive in style.

My favourite feature of St Wilfrids is this wonderful long tree lined driveway which makes for some fantastic shots of people walking up to church.

My second favourite feature is the scary climb up the spiral steps to the bell ringer's tower, but once up there, this view of the ceremony is the reward.

After the wedding, we spent some time wandering and shooting some quite relaxed unposed shots.

We had to make the most of the gorgeous doorway and tree lined drive before we left for Makeney Hall.

Once the camper van had departed, we were free to roam the grounds until dinnertime!

Congratulations Kate & James!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Sue & Chris

A mostly monochrome post today, for no special reason, except that most of the shots seem to look extra lovely in Black & White!

We were at the lovely Morley Hayes recently for the wedding of Sue & Chris. Sue was getting ready in the adjacent hotel, so off we wandered to say hello and have a sneaky glimpse of the proceedings so far, and get a picture of pretty sparkly things.

Next it was the chap's photo call.

Then we got one of my fave shots of the afternoon featuring Sue arriving in style and at great speed :)

Coverage during the ceremony was discreet and quiet, and afterwards we got a lovely shot of the couple signing the register.

After the ceremony we got some family group shots organised before moving on to a more photojournalistic approach, and then taking a walk to make use of the woods and gardens around Morley Hayes.

Now there's a little bench at Morley Hayes that I've had my eye on for years which I thought would make a great different looking shot with the right couple, and today was the day. It was a bit of a detour, but we managed to get what was to be my favourite shot of the day against a perfect sky.

Then we followed that up by sneaking one of the first ever shots with the new ornamental dome in the wedding garden.

Many congratulations Sue & Chris!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Michelle & Mark

Michelle & Mark were married recently at the lovely Horsley Lodge. We started things off at home with Michelle and her Bridesmaids - a sort of 'before' shot.

Then it was swiftly off to Horsley to get a shot of the guys with this wonderful backdrop of Derbyshire hills.

Michelle & Mark were very keen on having us capture as much photojournalistic style work as possible.

For the register signing shots, we work closely with the registrars to ensure that, while we get the shot, we don't disturb proceedings, or capture any of the confidential details held in the register. We achieve this by keeping a discreet distance. Today, I had company in my little corner.

Below is how the shot from my little corner should look :)

We love the look of the group shot below, it's a great way of capturing everybody while not having to organise line after line after line of people.
It's just a shame the wall I have to stand on isn't a tiny bit wider and flatter on top...

We are absolute suckers here for a dramatic sky shot, and today's unsettled weather presented me with one of the best ever! No more than minimal 'photoshopping' this scene really did unfold like this. It's just a shame I ended up lying flat out on wet grass to get the viewpoint :)

Today was a good day for humdinger clouds.

Congratulations Michelle & Mark!