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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jade & Stuart's Wedding At The Ashes, Stoke.

The Ashes is a new venue for us to visit being around an hour away in deepest darkest Staffordshire.

We were there for the fabulously lighthearted wedding of Jade and Stuart. Try as I did throughout the day to get some sensible, official type photographs, they all mysteriously turned out a bit more, well, like this :)

While I left the ladies to get ready, I got a nice shot of Stuart posing (only because I surprised him I think) in his full tartan.

The he had to finish his umbrella swordfight with his brother. This was going to be a lively afternoon!

Over in the apartment in the grounds, the bridal party were ready to make their way over for the ceremony, so we all had to be sensible for a bit.

This is one of my favourite shots as it really shows off the style of the venue, a pair of old converted barns seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

There seems to be quite a look of relief here now that the ceremony is finished.

Congratulations to Stuart & Jade!