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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sam & Alec

We met up with Alec and his Groomsmen not at church, but at the pub right across the road from the church in Swanwick - what a good start!

Eventually we all strolled across to the churchyard for a quick photo session before the guests started arriving.

Soon enough, Sam and her dad arrived in a wonderful stylish vintage car.

At the entrance to Swanwick church there is a lovely big porch, and I've got many variations of this beautifully lit shot over the years as our bride prepares to be revealed to the congregation and make her entrance.

And it's that same light that gave us this dramatic shot a few moments later.

After the ceremony was completed and we shot some family photographs in the churchyard, we were bound for Eastwood Hall, and in the interests of always trying to get something a little different, I thought today was the day for the 15mm lens, and a lie down on the grass :)

After the shots were all in the bag, we had some time spare to go play and bust some moves on the lawn :)

And finished up with this nice geometric shot of the girls tidying the confetti.

Well done and congratulations Sam & Alec!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Catherine & Daniel

A few weeks ago we were invited back to shoot what was to be the third wedding for Catherine & Daniel's family in the last few years, so it was great to catch up with so many people we had got to know previously.

We started by visiting Catherine for a few getting ready shots before heading to Church.

And, ace folk that they are, they organised a vintage VW Camper Van to deliver the bridesmaids and Catherine's mum.

As we know the church and the vicar quite well now, we talked ourselves into a great wide angle shot from the balcony during the ceremony.

Afterwards we had to dodge a few raindrops. At least, some of us had to dodge them, others were better prepared. Meet the driest person in the wedding party. :)

After some silliness, we took a wander around the grounds of the beautiful Shottle Hall while the weather was being kind to us.

I never see it as a problem if the weather isn't the best, because we have got some of our best, most atmospheric shots in darker, greyer conditions, and today was no exception as we proved by lighting this scene with a little remote flash. DOUBLE camper vanage!

Check out this sky, this kind of moody shot just wouldn't be possible on a bright summery sunshine day...

And we couldn't resist the children being cute as always...

Congratulations Catherine & Daniel, all the very best!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Amy & Chris

We began the day by dropping in to see how everybody was getting along at home, and managed a get a couple of shots of Amy's dress looking all fairytale in front of some spangly lights. Yes, 'spangly' is a professional photographic term.

Then it was a nice, simple shot of Amy's bouquet to pass some time until the bride was dressed enough for our camera.

Amy & Chris' ceremony was at the lovely old Eastwood Hall, and this looked just spot on for a shot of the guys arriving.

Eastwood Hall used to be offices years ago, and while we were waiting around, Amy's dad told me how he actually met her mum there when they both worked there in the past, so it was really nice to hear that the place had a good, personal history for them.

After some discreet shots during the ceremony, we wandered down the grass bank and took up position for a shot of the hall.

Then strolled around the gardens for a while to grab some really nice, relaxed looking shots.

The shot below is quite unusual for us, in that it's a strong backlit shot with the couple in deep shade - it needed some careful exposing for in camera, but we really love the airy look of the burned out white background shining through the leaves, and the subtle soft focus we added later.

Then we almost walked right past what was to become my favourite shot of the day, a plain white wall which I'm fairly sure only I saw the potential of, and despite the rain and drizzle starting, I talked Amy in to a quick couple of shots anyway!

After which we gave in to the weather, and it was time to try to find something creative to do inside. Despite the interior being quite modern and 'conference-centre' like, we managed a shot by the reception area which just proves that if you make the most of the given situation, good things can happen.

Well done Amy & Chris, and thankyou for being such great subjects!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Alex & Richard

It was a ride to Swanwick a few weeks ago to shoot Alex and her bridesmaids in the midst of their pre wedding preparations. Alex has been a lovely client of ours in the past and has become a good friend over the years, so today was a big day for us all.

Some lovely monochrome shots soon gave way to a scene we just could NOT shoot in black and white - check out these bridesmaids dresses!

As soon as Alex was safely secured in her dress, we had a ride over to Santos Higham Farm, to shoot the fellas looking cool. It was extra nice to see Richard's best man, Matt, whose wedding we got to shoot last year.

Then it was the ladies turn to impress!

This was the first time we got to shoot the amazing new retractable roof over at Higham Farm, this converted the glass roofed room into a glorious sun bathed courtyard for the ceremony.

We also made good use of the veranda overlooking the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

Many congratulations Alex & Richard!