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Friday, 4 March 2011

Natasha & David

Another visit to the amazing Breadsall Priory! This time to share Natasha & David's day for their stylish wedding.

Natasha and her gang were getting ready at the hotel, so we had to have a wander over to see how they were getting on.

The lighting in the room was pretty awful and yellow for photography, and we rarely like to use flash as it completely kills the atmosphere and makes it harder for people to concentrate, so we settled on some stylish  available light black and white documentary shots to start things off.

And of course the stunning details.

After we decided to leave the girls in peace, we went off in search of the boys to see how they turned out. With everyone looking good we grabbed a few shots outside, and then got one of my faves from the day - a shot of David looking anxious-ish at the front of the room, just before the Bride's big entrance.

Ceremony shots were discreet and from the back of the room, as usual.

After the registers were signed, and we had a few shots with families, we got to play in the gardens.

Best bit!

We have a very well liked shot of Breadsall on our reception wall that can't be taken on a bright summery, blue sky kind of day, and we promised to replicate it for Natasha & David if the conditions allowed. Luckily they did, and we got some high drama :)

What a backdrop!

We never feel like we're totally finished until we grab a shot of kids being cute...

Congratulations Natasha & David!