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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lynsey & Jamie's Wedding at Sheffield & Hassop Hall

For Lynsey & Jamie's wedding I got the chance for a ride up to the fab city of Sheffield. I spent a ton of time in Sheffield back when I was young and trendy, but hardly ever get to visit these days, so this was a treat.

First stop was at the luxurious Kenwood Hall where Lynsey and the girls were in the middle of the preparations. It was lovely to see our friend Tina from Beau Hair on the case - surely one of the best bridal hairdressers we've met.

This is not the finished look.

We got across town to see the guys arriving and being fussed over :) The car window reads 'Groom In Transit!"

I insisted Jamie keep his shades on for a few 'looking cool shots' in front of the magnificent St John's Church, in the Ranmoor area of Sheffield.

After we got a few shots and I'd briefed the ushers about the plan for after the ceremony, we spent some time grabbing some more photojournalistic style shots.

As I said, St John's Church is truly magnificent, and has the honour of possessing THE MOST precarious and inaccessible balcony I have EVER attempted to shoot from. Being fair, there's no public access, it's behind a locked door, I asked for access, they warned me against it, I insisted, then insisted again, and got what I deserved I guess.

But I also got THIS shot...

I was soon back at ground level...

I wanted to try to show the imposing scale of the church, so sitting down with the wide angle lens on did the trick very nicely.

On the way across the moorland of the Derbyshire Dales to Hassop Hall, we made time for a stop off and a quick photowalk around a random field in the middle of nowhere!

Then it was Hassop Hall time! One of my favourite venues, and, being a bit of a ride away, not a place I get to visit too regularly. Another treat!

We split our time between a photowalk or two, and some casual candid shots to show the atmosphere of the day.

I've shown off the shot below a couple of times already, and I'll say the same thing again - THAT is how you display a wedding cake. Well done Hassop Hall.

Congratulations Lynsey & Jamie!