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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jenny & Andrew's Wedding at Burton On Trent & The Priest House Castle Donington

It's always a pleasure to get to make a visit to a church we've not been to before - there aren't that many left around the area that we haven't already been to! In November we visited the lovely St Mary & Modwen's Church in Burton On Trent (just near the brewery!) for Jenny & Andy's wedding.

We made a quick stop in at Jenny's house to get a few preview shots, and then it was off to church.

Over at church the chaps were getting ready, Andy was checking over his Groomsmen, and getting buttonholed and fussed over by the ladies.

Along with a regular shot of the fellas posing, we opted for a bit of dramatic lighting to liven up the grey November day.

Soon enough Jenny was rolling up and ready to go...

The interior of St Mary & Modwen's is fantastic, and the minister was kind enough to allow us good access to capture the Bride's arrival, the ceremony and the register signing afterwards.

I love this caught moment, I wonder what they were looking at?

Other than being a bit dark and grey, it was a lovely day, and that same lack of light made it really easy to drag the shutter speed good and long to inject a real sense of motion into the shot of everybody throwing confetti.

Just a short walk down the road from church was this lovely old period building which I couldn't resist using as a backdrop just before we left to make the trip over to Castle Donington.

When we arrived at the lovely Priest House Hotel we took off for a wander around to get some shots around the grounds and by the river.

Meanwhile, the guests were enjoying a drink and a chat...

We're always on the lookout for something a little different and we really like the look of this shot by the hotel's staircase window.

And as 'different' shots go, they don't get better than this to finish with...

Congratulations Jenny & Andrew!

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