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Monday, 11 June 2012

Kerrie & Matt's Wedding At Derby Cathedral & The Cathedral Quarter Hotel

It was a trip to central Derby for the wedding of the lovely Kerrie & Matt in the lovely Cathedral Quarter of the city on a stunning sunny day a few months ago.

We started with a visit to the Cathedral Quarter Hotel where the Bride and her party were getting ready.

As it's name suggests, the hotel is only a stone's throw from Derby Cathedral, so we popped up the road to shoot the chaps arriving before heading back to make sure Kerrie was managing OK without us.

As it happened, they were all fine, so while the ladies finished work on Kerrie's dress I supervised the girls while they dismantled the video camera.

One of the shots I was most looking forward to was when we got to accompany the bridal party on the short walk through the city streets to the Cathedral.

Inside, the Cathedral is quite stunning, and the priest kindly allowed me to borrow the key to the balcony to grab this shot.

Not a half bad pile. I love the sense of scale that the tiny bride and groom give.

After everybody had made their exit, we got a few sneaky shots back inside where the heating was still on :)

One thing I love about city centre weddings are the sheer amount of different areas and backdrops available to us that give us different looking results.

And talking of 'different', the shot below certainly counts :) The bride and groom had organised a shot with their dog, and he couldn't get to see them fast enough!

We spent a little time grabbing a few photojournalistic style shots before dinnertime...

Congratulations Kerrie & Matt!

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