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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lianne & Scott

An all warm black & white style post today, just because we felt like it and it looks fab.

A few weeks ago we were just down the road at Lianne & Scott's wedding at Smalley & Breadsall Priory. We got some nice getting ready shots in the lovely bright kitchen diner area of their place, and check out the heavenly light on that dress hanging up all ready for action.

This is Finn, and Finn had managed to fall over a couple of days previously, leaving him with a whacking great booboo on his forehead, which for most shots later on we retouched, but we kind of thought that it ought to be on some shots as a true record of the day.

We wandered up to the church to meet up with the bridesmaids, some of whom were less sure of us than others.

During the ceremony we were discreetly tucked away at the back of the church, ready for a nice shot to present itself. After the ceremony was finished we got some family shots outside, and also spent a little time grabbing some informal photographs too. The kids stole the show!

With a vintage car on hand, and a front door like this, you simply have to make use of it for a smiley posy picture. This is the wonderful Breadsall Priory.

Then we spent some more time floating around for informal shots, and yes, the kids stole the show :)

We finished off by walking a very obliging Bride & Groom around the grounds to get as many shots of the gardens as we could before dinner.

Congratulations Lianne & Scott!

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  1. I think the shot of the dress hanging up is superb! Or should I say, SUPERDUPA!