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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jo & Richard's wedding at Melbourne Church

Melbourne Church I think has to be one of my favourites, it's easily in my top ten at least. A while ago I got to spend the afternoon down there with Richard and Jo and their fab families for a fun filled wedding day.

Things started off at Jo's parent's house where they were getting ready. When you get a smile like this for the very first shot of the day, you know things are going to be great :)

After we extracted the chaps from the pub over the road, we got a few shots of them walking up to church.

Below is one of the reasons I love Melbourne Church  - that doorway! More of that, later.

I'm a big fan of getting shots that are a bit more relaxed and and informal - sometimes totally candid. Luckily Charli the bridesmaid gave me plenty of chances.

THAT doorway again... Not done with it yet!

And for a photographer at a wedding, a viewpoint like this is just a gift...

For a final bit of extra drama we added some flash to the daylight and sat down on the ground with a good wide angle lens to show off the church doorway.

After the wedding everybody took a leisurely stroll to a local restaurant in the village for the reception. We decided to stay at church a little longer to finish a few more shots.

Sadly this time we didn't get chance to call in to the Melbourne Tea Rooms for cake sampling, but that just means I get double next time, right?

Congratulations Jo & Richard!

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