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Monday, 19 December 2011

Kimberley & Anthony's Wedding at Horsley Church & Morley Hayes

With no getting ready photographs to shoot, we started today at the beautiful St Clements Church awaiting everybody's arrival for Kimberley & Anthony. First we saw Anthony & his dad Tony, who was also his best man.

To be followed by Kimberley, her dad, and her bridesmaids.

We made sure to be around to get this lovely angle of the Bride and her father entering the church, and stayed at the back get a sneaky shot of the children's play corner - perfect for keeping little people entertained during the ceremony.

Some of my favourite shots from the day were the wonderfully atmospheric photographs taken in the vestry, as the registers were signed.

During the family photographs we always keep an eye open for any nice informal shots, and grabbed this one of one of our bridesmaids in mid contemplation.

There's a little used area in the corner of the churchyard that overlooks the lovely surrounding valley and woodland, so I talked Kimberley and Anthony into a walk down there, for a nice profile shot in semi-silhouette.

Just before we left we had the privilege of taking a portrait of Anthony's grandparents, who were celebrating the anniversary of their own wedding that day, at the exact same church, 61 years earlier. Here's their updated wedding portrait.

Not only does this white wall make a great natural reflector in the shade of a house, but also serves as a funky high-key backdrop!

Then the bridesmaids were being all cute. Again!

Then we were off to the always wonderful Morley Hayes to meet the rest of the wedding party for the reception. Since the cars were in the family, we had to get a line up photograph.

Below are two very different views of the exact same spot.

Congratulations Kimberley & Anthony!

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