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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Melinda & Richard's Wedding at Quarndon & Derby

We're in a Sepia toned sort of mood here today, and that may just show through in the photographs here. It was back in August when we visited Mel & Richard for their wedding at the lovely Quarndon Church, beginning first at home in Little Eaton.

Sometimes you can't beat getting in really close to show the almost abstract lines in the detail of a dress.

We hung around a short while until folks were starting to look like they were about ready, then, sandwich in hand courtesy of Mel, we bumbled over to church to see the chaps. Amazingly, when we arrived, they were striking this pose without any request from me.

OK, no they weren't.

Mel was super organised and had everything ready to make sure nobody was left seat-less.

Outside I managed to steal a lovely shot of a contemplative bridesmaid amid the hustle and bustle.

Then Mel arrived, and off we went.

Although it doesn't strictly feature a wedding happening, this is my fave shot from during the ceremony.

Then came the part I was really looking forward to, we took a break from the norm. While most of the guests made their way to the reception, Mel & Richard led close family and friends on a 2 minute drive, followed by a 10 minute walk up to a local beauty spot called Bunker's Hill.

Yes, 10 minutes walking along through woods, country paths, fields, and over stiles in a wedding dress - usually I would have to beg and plead with a Bride to do this and not expect a positive answer, but here was Mel insisting we all troop off! Some folks even brought their boots. This was my kind of afternoon :)

Apart from being absolutely lovely up there, it was also the place where the couple got engaged, and where Mel spent some of her childhood days playing, so it was really nice to make the detour and spend some time admiring the amazing views over Derbyshire.

"I can see my house from here!"

And guess what, we could see Mel's house, and her old Gran's place too. Wonderful.

After our walk in the countryside, we arrived in good time at the reception for drinks, speeches and dinner. Job well done.

Congratulations Mel & Richard!

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