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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Laura & Richard

After an absence we have lots of new stuff to be showing off here!

We'll start with a wedding we went to a few weeks ago in the height of spring - Laura & Richard's lovely countryside wedding at Morley Church, and Morley Hayes.

We were around to shoot the arrivals at church and met Richard early for his close up pic before the crowds descended.

During the ceremony we shot discreetly from the back so as not to intrude, and also managed a few sneaky shots when the registers were being signed.

The beautiful church at Morley, above.

After the ceremony, and a few running repairs to small people's suits, shoes, and dresses, we were off to the lovely Morley Hayes.

Most of Morley Hayes has been refurbished over the winter, and what fantastic work they have done, check out this room, all set for the wedding breakfast.

Congratulations Laura & Richard, we look forward to seeing you back at the studio soon for your portrait session!

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