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Monday, 31 January 2011

Kathryn & Paul

More sheningans from October, also at the lovely Breadsall Priory near Derby, but this time starting off at a wonderful old church in Wollaton.

We popped down the road to Kathryn's house to cover some getting ready pics. We were expecting a scene of mild chaos, but actually it was quite the opposite, affording us time to sit and watch a Disney princess movie with  our new friend, the young bridesmaid, here shown deeply engrossed with said princess movie in her pre-dress jammies.

Alas, time dictated that we had to leave before the end of the movie to meet up with the chaps at church. Then we made them walk down the middle of a narrow road by a blind bend to get a good shot. They complied. Bless 'em all!

All our poor page boy could do was watch on and look worried.

After the ceremony, I had in mind a definite 'high drama' shot outside the church to organise with some carefully balanced remote flash, and then it was off to Breadsall to make the most of the gorgeous autumnal colours.

It has to be said though, the stars of the show were probably the kids... Sorry Kathryn and Paul :)

And those amazing autumn cupcakes.

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