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I run, and make most of the coffee at Field Photographic.
We're a professional photographic studio, and have been since 1989.
We cover a wide range of assignments including contemporary family portraits and weddings with a distinctive, informal and up to date feel.
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Monday, 13 September 2010

Our Shiny New Product...

We're very excited and bouncy to be able to unveil our latest gadget, no, toy, no, very serious high tech wedding product...Yes, that's it.

Our iPad wedding album!

Maybe a wedding 'album' isn't for you - a lot of our couples these days opt for our rights free digital images service already - or maybe, like us, you love the thought of something new and different and fancy getting your hands on a shiny new iPad. Either way we think this might float your boat...

Full coverage of your day from getting ready in the morning until when you sit down for the wedding breakfast, and ALL of the images included on a brand new iPad ready for showing off to friends and family.

All in all great stuff. Give us a call to have a chat about your plans for your wedding day, how we can help, and of course how you can grab a shiny iPad loaded and ready to go with your wedding images on! You can get us on 01773 769900 for a natter, or visit us at

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