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Friday, 18 June 2010

Isobel, Neve, and the booboo.

Here are a few shots from a recent meeting with our little friends Isobel & Neve. We were aiming for something different from the studio shots on white backgrounds that are so popular, so we shot these outside, just in their back garden, with good old fashioned natural light.

We had a something of a problem presented to us by what Isobel sheepishly described as her 'chin boo boo'. So how do you shoot a portrait of somebody, when you can only show half of their face? Always up for a challenge, we decided to see how many images we could shoot with said boo boo hidden, and still make them work. We managed a few  :)

Absolutely stunning shots for only half a visible face. Neve, however, happily showed off her chin with wild abandon.

In case you're wondering, the troublesome chinbooboo did make an appearance for the sake of historical accuracy...

... But made a rapid disappearance for the finished print after some sneaky retouching.

Although this did feel a bit like cheating, it had the desired result. If only we could do it in real life...

We look forward to shooting the girls again one day soon, maybe scar free next time?

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