Monday, 2 March 2015

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Shooting Brides that aren't Brides for Elizabeth Malcolm Couture Bridalwear

It's quite ironic that we picked a freezing cold December day to shoot Elizabeth Malcolm's new 'Midsummer's Dream' bridalwear range I think.

Lizzie specialises in handmade, bespoke bridalwear and these gowns show her obvious talent.

We were set up for the day on the (chilly) top floor of the Derwentside Mill which houses Lizzie's (lovely warm) workshop downstairs.

Theme for the day was to be goth-ish steampunk-ish!

It was beautiful natural light that attracted us to the mill's top floor, and it didn't disappoint on the day.

Below are some examples utilising just window light and one reflector.

Catherine & Chelcie were just awesome models for the day, braving freezing cold temperatures and fuelled only by Lizzie's Mocha Gingerbread lattes and McDonald's burgers they worked through the whole range of gowns really efficiently.

Towards the end of the afternoon as the light faded we introduced a little bit of extra lighting for the shots below.

To finish up, and just for fun, and mainly to just humour me (I know!) we headed outside where it was really properly cold to grab a few shots by an awesome old abandoned factory that I'd had my eye on for months, if not years as a photo location.

Lighting was tungsten lamp mixed with dusky daylight to give that fab fade-to-blue effect.

The fab and talented team:

Elizabeth Malcolm Couture Bridalwear
Catherine Wardega & Chelcie Gascoigne - models
Katie Weeds - Hair
Sidonie McMullen - Make Up Artist
Derwentside Shopping Mill - Location and props

Friday, 6 June 2014

Ruth & George's Wedding at Mickleover Church & Shottle Hall

It was a springtime trip to Shottle Hall for us recently to spend the day with Ruth & George and their family and friends.

First off was a stop to see everybody getting ready before the church service. How about these gorgeous flowers?!

I'm pleased to say that this smile set the tone for the rest of the day :)

Ruth's dad was a true gentleman, and very patient!

We got to church in time to see the fellas arriving. Although we did set this shot up, I like to think it's informal looking enough to work with the relaxed type of coverage we offer.

Back to being sneaky...

The shot below has to be one of my favourites I think.

We made our usual promise to the minister to not be intrusive, and we got some truly lovely shots looking down the aisle from the back, including this sneaky one of our young friend :)

We headed outside for a very brief few shots by the doorway, but below is a more accurate record of the kind of weather we were up against. So we went in.

After some minor fixing up, we were good to go for some family shots inside the cosy church.

By the time we made it to Shottle Hall, the weather had decided to be kinder to us, so we made the most of the chance to get some lovely shots around the gardens and grounds.

It seems everybody was getting in on the photo sharing.

Below is Ruth's outdoor gear :) A quiet moment caught just before we went on our main photowalk...

Then it was off with the jacket, a few poses, and on our way!

Not only did the weather play ball, it outdid all our expectations and gave me some gorgeous afternoon light to play with!

Some, though, decided to stay in and play...

We also organised a short evening photo session for George & Ruth, to capture the first dance and a few extra wedding portraits.

Congratulations Ruth & George!